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Synapse XT: An Anti-Tinnitus Supplement Review Report

 Synapse XT is an anti-tinnitus supplement that has created ripples in the supplement industry. So much so that it has one of the biggest customer bases in the industry. Now, Tinnitus as most people know is not a rare disease. Even though it’s more prevalent in aging people, young people may suffer from it too. The problem with Tinnitus is that people might not even realize that they are suffering from it. The working of Synapse XT is rather complicated. The label has the ingredient list with proportions to help the consumers know what they are having. As mentioned on the label, this dietary supplement contains extracts of hibiscus, garlic, hawthorn berry, juniper berries, green tea, vitamins C, vitamin B, magnesium, and potassium. Hibiscus is a powerful antioxidant, beneficial to those suffering from Tinnitus. According to research, it is also used as a tea to calm the nerves, control high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels. 

The manufacturers claim that the advantages of hibiscus are amplified if it is combined with the extract of hawthorn berry. These act on the auditory cortex region in the brain and repair the damaged nerves. As disclosed by the creators, Synapse XT contains the highly nutritious garlic extract, which contains powerful nutrients that reduce the risk of illness, reduces blood pressure, and improves blood circulation to the nerve cells. The formulators have used green tea and Juniper Berries in their formula as potent antioxidants that improve immunity and fight chronic diseases like tinnitus. According to the team of scientists that formulated this dietary supplement, these antioxidants decrease inflammation and flush out the toxins from the body.

Recently, a study was conducted by researchers from Trinity CollegeUniversity of Minnesota, University of Nottingham, University of Regensburg, St. James hospital, and Neuromod Devices Ltd., an Irish medical devices firm. It’s regarded as the biggest clinical trial in the respective field. It showed that a combination of electrical and sound stimulation on the patient’s tongue can reduce Tinnitus considerably. If 12 months of this treatment can be sustained, then patients can fully recover from Tinnitus, and the ringing, hissing, and other annoying noises reduce significantly as well. The study can prove to be beneficial for millions across the world who are suffering from this serious medical condition. 

The most common myth about Tinnitus that most people suffering from it believe is that it can’t be treated. But it should be known that around 15% of the world’s population suffer from the medical condition and Synapse XT is the most effective supplement available in the market to cure it. It’s also a very safe and risk-free product. As per the manufacturers, the composition only contains naturally occurring herbs and substances that have zero side effects. So, customers can, without any hassle, take a regular dose of the supplement. 

The consumers of Synapse XT have given positive reviews about this dietary supplement which contains 8 antioxidants and nutrients. A consumer from New York City opines, “After taking treatments from different physicians for my Tinnitus, I did not get any relief. My condition was worsening when I started taking the dietary supplement regularly. Within 90 days, the noises inside my ear vanished”. Considering the customer reviews, Synapse XT has a customer satisfaction of 95%. This dietary supplement meant for people suffering from Tinnitus is available in bottles containing 60 capsules. The manufacturer provides three combo packages on its website and the buyer can choose one as per their requirement. 

The best aspect of Synapse XT is that if it doesn’t work for customers, they can choose to return the items, and get a full refund. The seller backs the product with a 60-day money-back guarantee. The refund policy of the company is extremely customer-friendly and representatives will help users in the procedure.

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of Synapse XT:


  • It’s 100% Natural

All the ingredients used in Synapse XT are natural. No synthetic substances of any kind are used in the formulation.

The natural ingredients used have also been studied thoroughly and proven to be safe for human consumption. And not just that, but they also have health benefits that can help improve tinnitus.

  • Reduces Severity of Tinnitus

Synapse XT is able to reduce the severity of tinnitus as long as it’s used regularly. This is something that many remedies in the market fail to do. Synapse XT not only reduces tinnitus symptoms but also provides lasting relief and can get rid of the problem permanently.

  • Improves Cognitive Function

This supplement contains ingredients that help to improve cognitive function. Through their action on brain nerve cells and neurotransmitters, they’re able to boost thinking, focus, and memory, among other cognitive abilities.

  • Cleanses the Brain

Synapse XT helps to rid the brain of toxins that lead to various ailments. This protects it from damage and premature aging.

  • Decreases Anxiety

By reducing the severity of tinnitus, Synapse XT manages to decrease the anxiety that accompanies the condition.

  • Has a 60-day Money-back Guarantee

You’ll get a 60-day money-back guarantee when you buy Synapse XT. This gives you two months to see whether the supplement works for you. If you’re not satisfied, you can get a full price refund within 60 days of making your purchase.


  • Can Only be Purchased Online

This supplement can only be purchased online from the Official Website. You cannot get it at a store near you.

  • Requires Prolonged and Regular Use for Best Results

You can only benefit from the full effects of Synapse XT if you use it on a daily basis for a while, preferably not less than 2-3 months.

Now, it’s upon the discretion of those suffering from Tinnitus if they want to purchase the product. Synapse XT has enough benefits apart from reversing the medical condition of Tinnitus as well. It improves overall cognitive performance, memory power, and reduces brain fog too.     

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